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Go Green and Lower your Bill: Tips for Saving Energy in your Home!

Go Green and Lower your Bill: Tips for Saving Energy in your Home!

Everyday we watch T.V. shows or commercials that mention tips on how to care for our environment and to contribute to its safety. Many of us just pass on to the next channel because we might not know how caring for our environment can save us some extra cash!

At Mabry Management, orange county property management company, we intend to keep our tenants informed on how to save on their bills while preserving the place we live in. Start your savings in our conveniently located Orange County apartments.

Tips for saving energy in your home:

  • Start with simple things like turning off the lights when you leave home or when you are not using them. Lighting accounts for 15% of your energy bill so you will be very surprised and pleased when you see the savings on your next power bill.
  • Replace your old light bulbs with energy saving fluorescent bulbs. They last longer and use up to 75% less energy than regular bulbs. It also keeps your place cooler in the summer.
  • Unplug electric devices such as microwaves, computers or coffee pots when you leave home. This still use a lot of energy by just being plugged in even though you are not using them.
  • Check the seals on your refrigerator using the “dollar bill” trick. Place a dollar bill inside your fridge door with the end of it sticking out. Try pulling it and if it slides easily then it’s time for you to replace the seals on your fridge.
  • During the winter season, place towels on the bottom of the doors to keep your house from getting  too cold. This will make your heater work less, thus lowering your power bill.
  • Instead of having your air conditioning running non-stop during the summer, try opening your windows to let some breeze freshen up your place or simply use fans.
  • Setting your thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer and lower in the winter can save you tons of watts of electricity.
  • If you want to go further, keep in mind that a great amount of power supplies and appliances now offer green electricity. These are the ones with the Energy Star label on it.

As you can see, small changes in your lifestyle means great rewards, which our orange county property management company would not want you to miss out on! Always keep these tips in mind and remember how easy it is to save up that extra cash on your bills by saving energy. Call us or browse through our website to look at housing options for every budget!


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